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This recording, which someone called a sound collage (so I’ll call it a sound collage), I put together for a reading I booked but realized I couldn’t actually attend. Instead of replacing me, the organizers of the event let me put something together. This is what happened. I replaced myself with robots and samples. Here’s more about all that.

This recording, which I produced for a November 2014 podcast version of Chicago reading series Absinthe and Zygote, features readings of the following sections of Wysihicken [sic]: 01 at the schist / 02 folded rock maybe / 03 not the water m o v i n g / 06 everything to stone /07 a trickering current / 08 soil to till / 09 called docile / 12 at the schist are swamprise / 14 beneath horsehoof / 15 mica and biotite / 20 every flat in the descent / 21 go down the straight line / 23 beneath battlehorse / 25 all on a rock flat / 30 at the schist there is unpried

This is a recording of my performance of an early draft of Wysihicken [sic] at the March 2013 Pennsylvania College English Association Conference in Gettysburg PA.

In December 2014 I Skyped-in to chat with some students at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), for a course called “Nature & Society in the Anthropocene,” co-taught by Kate Derickson and Kiley Kost. The class had read Wysihicken [sic] and posed some questions for me. I recorded the audio, and am posting it here [listen carefully around the 2:40 mark and you might catch this first instance of Carl sniffing and smacking his chops near the microphone][pardon issues with the connection around 8 minutes––the issue persists for a few minutes but it corrects].


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