Wysihicken [kitsch]

Posted as part of an online installation of the Chicago-based reading series Absinthe & Zygote, curated by Anne Shaw and Toby Altman, here is Wysihicken [kitsch]. This recording features various stock audio effects layered into readings of the following sections of Wysihicken [sic]:

01 at the schist
02 folded rock maybe
03 not the water m o v i n g
06 everything to stone and back again
07 a trickering current of mica shakes a dam of shifting direction
08 soil to till is an upend
09 called docile called swarthy
12 at the schist are swamprise fogs
14 beneath horsehoof beneath ironhoof
15 mica and biotite and feldspar and quartz
20 every flat in the descent above Ganshewahanna
21 go down the straight line down the curved
23 beneath battlehorse cavalry sorties
25 all on a rock flat below the red span
30 at the schist there is unpried


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