Seeking “eudaimonia”

This morning, as I do every couple months, I was going through my list of “outstanding” submissions, determining whether or not I should send follow-up notes to presses and journals. One of the manuscripts I’ve got out there is a collection of prose poems, seeking blank slate: postcards out of eudaimonia. There are a number of individual poems from this manuscript already out there, and I wanted to make an accurate accounting of where and when these poems were published. So I did a quick search online, which, more than to my poems, lead me to a series of articles about the concept of “eudaimonia.” I don’t usually use this space to re-post material I find interesting, but given the connection to my own writing and thinking, and to the ideal of “the pursuit of happiness,” which is a critical focus in those postcard poems, I thought I’d link to a piece about the differences between “happiness” and “eudaimonia.”


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