Publication [teaser!] [#2!]

NOTE from Furniture Press Books Publisher, Christophe Casamassima [get your subscription on]:

I revamped the FPB Subscriptions page. Since you’re publishing with us this year, your book falls within a very lucrative [for the reader] offer of a 2014 subscription for only $75. Please promote the press and these subscriptions (along with your book) at every possible, feasible juncture.

Also, if anyone subscribes at $75 or higher by March 31, they will receive a copy of the 4th annual FPB poetry prize’s winning book, which is selected by Elizabeth Robinson and will be released in early 2015.

And this is the list of books and chapbooks we’re publishing this year:

Jared Schickling, The Paranoid Rader: Essays 2006-2012
Thomas Devaney, Calamity Jane
Ryan Eckes, val-u plus
Kevin Varrone, Box Score: An Autobiography
Dan Thomas-Glass, Daughters of Your Century
Chris McCreary, NEÜRO/MÄNTIC

Jacob Bennett, Wysihicken [sic]
Alicia Puglionesi, Views from the National Forests
Andrew Klein, Bluemore
Erin Dorney, Feather Tracts

1X4 winner: Joseph Cooper, The Caves of Ice [chosen by j/j hastain]
2X4 winner: Nicole Steinberg, Clever Little Gang [chosen by Ryan Eckes]
3X4 winner: Caroline Crew & Chris Elmslie, Your Stupid Fortune Gives Me Stupid Hope [chosen by Joshua Ware]
4X4 winner: [Iris Cushing will make a decision soon]


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