Pardon Chelsea Manning Update

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The permit has been granted by the Nat’l Parks Services office. I’ve attached the permit here, with the first page “redacted” since it’s got my address and number on it. (Irony rarely escapes me.) Now, I’m wondering: how many of you are planning on meeting up next week in DC?

The time-frame (despite a contradictory indicator on the permit) is from 11am-4pm on Wed 27 November. The map (see attached file) indicates the West Side of Lafayette Park, where the event will take place. I think the Bernard Baruch Bench of Inspiration is as good a HQ/central meeting spot as any.

If you plan to bring a placard or some other prop, be sure it conforms to the guidelines stipulated in the permit. Otherwise, the bobbies just might take your toy away. I will bring a handout with information about Chelsea, as well as other notable figures in this asymmetrical battle of and over information. Feel free to do similarly. I think we’ll have some baller graphic prints on hand, too. (Image by Atom Burke.)freechelsea-11wide

I’m not a pro organizer, so I’m probably forgetting things. Keep an eye on the FB page, and let me know if you plan to join us – a rudimentary headcount would be nice.


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