Off-Site Outta Sight audio recording!

This is the audio.

Here is a recording from last Saturday’s fantastic “Off-Site Outta Sight” event. The order: I read four poems from Nicolas Destino-Hiler’s book Heartwrecks (Sibling Rivalry 2013), then Megan Guidry reads some from a novel-in-verse, then Kimberly Hawlena reads a piece from Fjords Review and a piece about “boobs,” and then Amelia Bentley (whose chapbook &parts is due soon from Damask Press) reads some poems about cities, among other things. My apologies to the band, Hot Molasses, for not recording their performance, but my equipment is budget, baby. They rawked the joint, be sure.

Thanks, once more, to the authors and the musicians and the audience and All Asia for hosting.


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