“Bad Advices”

I’m planning a series of poems for my infant niece and nephew, and the theme is “bad advice from Uncle Jacob.” Part of the plan is to cull bad decisions from my own experience, but I’m also going to field ideas from overheard conversations (on public transportation, in my classroom, at bars, etc.). I thought I could also use this site as a platform for collection, and am asking you to leave “bad advices” in the comments section below this post. Do your worst.


4 thoughts on ““Bad Advices”

  1. Not that it is all that important, indeed it may even be irrelevant but in this day and age in America I’d say that this could qualify as bad advice…”Vote Republican”

  2. I’m also thinking things like “write (and actually deliver) anonymous love letter to middle school crush” and “mouth off to bullies who really WON’T listen to reason.”

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