1950s cornball invitation to a reading

Shoot. Important amendment to the invitation.

Oh, hello there, friend – I didn’t hear you come in! I was just working on a new postcard poem, and, well – you know how that goes: “Better than any syringe pumped from sodium pentathol, the space of a dreamer’s purgatory chars all plinth and fringe from truth,” and all that. But that’s not why I called you in, not by a long shot.

You see, this is an invitation – yes, that’s right! An invitation! Along with my colleague in La Salle University’s English department, Liz Langemak, I’ll be sharing some poems with faculty, staff, and students, and unaffiliated good-time Joes and Betties like yourself! Housed in La Salle’s Art Museum, the reading begins at 1:00pm on Monday April 16, 2012.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How the heck am I supposed to get all the way to Germantown, sit down for a spell of really swell poems, and get back to the office before the boss catches on that I’m playing the truant?” Well, Mac, here’s what you gotta do: act natural. You’ve pulled the big one over on the head honcho before, and this time it’ll be no different. Have one of your pals ring you up pretending to be that aunt from the suburbs – you know the one: she’s always slipping in the bathroom, and losing her cat up the neighbor’s crab-apple tree. It’ll work like lickety-split, and it’s Easy Street (actually Broad, then Olney) from then on out. So get with it! Agitate the gravel! Don’t be a spaz!, and make the scene, Bub.


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