Courage, Sir.

The following is a message I sent to my Rep. in the US House, Chaka Fattah, Democrat for Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District.

To the office of Rep. Chaka Fattah:

I have had no success in my search for a statement – no matter how brief – from Rep. Fattah on the Occupy movement. Specifically, on the Occupy Philly encampment, which, while it still existed, sat just within the eastern bounds of the Congressman’s district on the footprint of City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza. I would like to know what my representative thinks about the movement, especially regarding the relationship between corporate money and elections, especially regarding the Citizens United case.

This is the second time I have written on this topic; the first time being on December 5, 2011. As yet, I have not heard back from my representative. I know the overwhelming margins of Rep. Fattah’s election victories may not seem to warrant speaking out on anything but a political homerun – why risk sinking below 80%? – but it seems to me the issue will not go away; the encampments will reconvene, in some fashion, with warmer weather; and the time to take a position is long past due.

Please do respond.

Very sincerely,
One of your constituency,
Jacob A. Bennett


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