Colin Stetson, Dark Horse

This is a dark horse nomination for wider recognition among 2011 releases of Colin Stetson’s New History of Warfare, Vol. 2: Judges. And here’s a song that may or may not be representative, really, of the album, but it’s freakin’ Laurie Anderson (who performs on a handful of tracks). There are horses on the album cover, which may be why I chose that initial metaphor; and also, as I’m listening now, and hear the voice of Shara Worden, I remember that one of her own album covers, recording as My Brightest Diamond, for Bring Me the Workhorse, also boasts a dark horse.

The album has received critical attention, but isn’t exactly radio friendly. What I mean by the metaphor, then, is that it’s a difficult album, something like free jazz I guess – or at least I could see why someone may not like it. But I do. Very much. It is moody and abrasive but also occasionally very mellow, all brood and drone. It seems a soundtrack for something undefined and dispersed yet very dire, unavoidable. Beautifully wrought and twisted in any case.

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