Open letter to the Philadelphia Weekly

To the Editor/Publisher:
Just wanted to commend you and your crack staff for pushing the envelope in the fields of race theory and music criticism (Calendar, July 7, text below). Clearly, Kid Cudi, as a black man, has no business wearing anything close to skinny in the pants department – how will he ever hide a Glock in there? And, boy, those days when nothing less than a MAC-10 will suffice – what’s a brutha with a preference for tapered slacks to do? Did Cudi’s local American Apparel location take down its “white dudes only” sign, or what? Get thee to a thuggery, am I right? Sheesh!

Really brave, groundbreaking stuff, PW.

Kid Kudos to you,
Jacob A. Bennett

Original post:
All right, let’s just put it out there right now: Kid Cudi will never be taken seriously until he stops wearing skinny jeans! We don’t know about you, but the sight of skinny jeans on a black man appalls us more than baggy jeans falling off a dude’s ass. (We’ll let you off the hook this time, Drake!) Yes, this makes us seem kind of shallow, especially when you consider that Cudi is one of the few young MCs out there making fascinating, subversive musical moves and we should, you know, praise and respect him for that. The two Man on the Moon volumes he’s dropped on GOOD Music (founded by fellow hip-hop provocateur and skinny-jeans wearer Kanye West) are bold, conceptual efforts that have Cudi merging everything from hip-hop to trip-hop to psychedelic rock and collaborating with artists as diverse as Mary J. Blige and MGMT. So, while we would love to give Cudi props for his musical daring (and for allegedly hooking up with Amanda Bynes), until he takes off those tight-ass, sack-suffocating, disgustingly overpriced jeans, we just ain’t having it! – Craig D. Lindsey



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