Hammering song-shapes

Here is a process: send a text message without punctuation to an email address – it is yours alone; copy & paste the message into a preferred word processor; chop the message into fours – it is a quatrain; give it a date or don’t, its seriality is out of your hands; every day you do this – and sometimes you will do this multiple times per day, and some days you will not do this for days at a time – but every day you do this, format the day’s quatrains in an HTML editor and tack them on the invisible wall of the Web; repeat these steps over and over and over and over and over and over until you stop repeating them over and over and over and over and over; then print the word processor document – it is nearly 50 pages in single-space 12pt font; put scribbles, hashes and Xes through the worst of these; put check marks next to the tolerable of these; for the first time, use a pen to write the messages by hand on index cards; there will be one quatrain-message per card; there will be at least one couple of hundreds of cards; shuffle the deck; shuffle the deck; shuffle the deck; shuffle the deck once for every card.

Congratulations, you have written A series of un-caged canaries.

Thanks to all who followed along as I posted inanities over the course of a year and called them poetry. I’m putting the “txt poem” posts on hiatus as I revise them and compile them into a manuscript. (I’ll also get back into the rhythm of posting translations every now and again.)



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