April 6, 2010

re: txt poem

Catharsis isn’t this It used to be
a gradual star And distant Saw
the old house in a satellite image
I saw where the swingset used to be

It was the softest thing I’ve ever felt
Every single time My mind collapsed
like a grape between her thighs
I was emphatically heaving

And how would you know
You’ve only watched it from the window
And someone would say You haven’t
been back for years How could you know

What I do remember I remember
bad Vivid fever memories Frozen
dimness lit by violent flashbulbs
popping in sequences making a lifetime

And Perdix I can tell you will never
stop pestering So says a chilly voice blown in
from deep at sea He mocks me
as I rot with seaweed

I learned to wear my high
like a thick wool coat It is a buffer
a redoubt a godsend It has seemed
the one safe place if not the sanest


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