March 25, 2010

re: txt poem

Flagpoles are just upended and
deficient clotheslines And yet how
soothing my undergarments become
snapping in the sweet spring breeze

A-ringing a ringing cell phone goes
and the vibration buzzing gets levels of anxiety
up in this den of caffeine junkies

The sun’s diffuse and blotted but
warm and the clouds are just a curtain
not a fountain Bonneted women
reprimand intrepid squirrels

And more than the confessions of this most modern age
and the damages it has
wrought on others and those they wreak on me
I am seeking

I am seeking the opposite of ennui No
Seeking its absence Brushes with death
Unsentimental glimpses of mental collapse
Credible misery

Things like longevity and who
I’ll outlast and who’ll me
I fear I won’t understand or be understood
All communication requires acknowledgm

How is it such a sensitive child has turned
into such a cool removed abstractor
How is it he didn’t sooner find
the comforts of away

Open this cover Alarm
will sound Pull handle down Do not
lean on door Watch the closing doors Next
stop 7th avenue This is 7th avenue

When I reel the world reels
with me But when the world reels first
I only turn and mutter restively
that I’ve got nothing I can spare


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